Welcome to Applegarth’s inaugural
newsletter. We have an exciting 2024
ahead of us!
Since becoming the Registered Manager
last September, we’ve introduced lots of
changes in the home, and I’m delighted to
share these with you. We’re also keen to
let you know plans afoot.
I would like to take the opportunity to
thank the outstanding staff, residents,
friends, and family for their support and
in helping to make Applegarth the special
home it is.
What’s new? We continue with new
refurbishment projects including ooring,
decoration, and two new wet rooms.
We are now 90% paper free! It’s been
a liberating exercise and enabled us to
further professionalise our processes with
greater efciency.
We are also
integrating into
the local community. We have
some fabulous volunteers who are gaining
experience with our wonderful residents,
and we are gaining valuable input from
them. In 2024 we are reaching out to day
centres to visit and in return welcome
others to join in activities at Applegarth.
We also are planning excursions out of the
home throughout the year and will keep
you posted.
Applegarth is growing in recognition. Our
carehome.co.uk rating is now 9.6! With
your support and recommendation, we are
aiming for an award in 2024. Please see
the back page for more information.
I hope you enjoy the
Newsletter. We are always
open to suggestion
and feedback… we
welcome your
Best wishes
Mike Fuller
Registered Manager
New Year!
January Newsletter