The rights and choice of the resident form the basis of our philosophy of care. We encourage our residents to exercise those rights and freedom of choice to the full. This includes the right to vote, equality of access to National Health Services. Social Services and all welfare benefits they are entitled to.


We understand that privacy is important and make every effort to retain as much privacy as is possible in a communal setting. This will include a guaranteed for residents1 privacy when using the telephone, opening and reading mail and when receiving visits from relatives, friends or others. We will ensure confidentiality for information held regarding the residents in the Care home.


We recognise that adjusting to any disability which necessitates assistance in any way can lead to a loss of dignity. With this is mind every resident is treated as a special and valued member of our community. We will help them to express themselves as they wish through choice of clothes, use of make-up should they wish. Daily tasks that the resident needs assistance with will be carried out with sensitivity especially if in communal areas.


We ensure residents are treated in a way that helps them feel confident and secure. Their privacy and dignity is valued and protected. Residents are free from abuse and neglect and their human rights are protected.


We realise how difficult is it for someone to leave their home and move to a care home. We understand the need for residents to remain independent and to continue to make their own decisions for as long as possible. It is important to us that residents are involved in all aspects of daily life and are able to continue to choose how they live. Every effort is made to support residents in this, especially as their frailty and dependence increases.


We believe that entering a care home should not mean a person should let go of their dreams and aspirations. As much as possible we will support our residents in whatever activities and interests they wish to pursue. We will assist residents to maintain existing contacts. The uniqueness of each individual is acknowledged and appreciated.


When residents begin their journey towards the end of life, their palliative care, practical assistance and advice is discussed with doctors and community nurses. We ensure all of their needs physical and emotional are met. Their comfort and wellbeing is attended to and their wishes respected. Pain and distress is controlled and their privacy and dignity at all times preserved. Religious beliefs are respected at all times. Staff receive regular training and follow the Home's Policy and Procedures.


We discuss with the resident the times for meals etc and explain that there are no set rules form rising or retiring to bed.

Care Plans are discussed and agreed to ensure that all resident's needs in respect of their health and welfare are met. These are regularly reviewed and are available on request.


Fire precautions are explained to residents, we give them a tour of the home showing them the fire exists and informing them that these must be kept clear. Fire drills are explained. Smoking is not permitted in the home.


Residents can attend religious services by arrangement. Communal services are regularly conducted at the home by the local vicar/priest.


Residents meetings are held every 4 weeks, where families are welcome to attend.

We provide a number of various social activities, including the celebrations of all recognised festivals and regularly consult with residents and ask them for suggestions.

We have an activities co-ordinator for 4 hours a day offering the residents a multitude of activities based around there wishes and choices.

A small selection of activities includes: Bingo. Quizzes, Board Games, Reminiscences. Music sessions. Gentle Exercise, Rollaball, etc.

We have regular outside entertainment and visits from P A T dog (pets as therapy)

All residents are encouraged to participate and to try different and new experiences if they so wish.

We celebrate residents' birthdays and provide a birthday cake and card. Relatives are welcome to come and Join in the celebrations.


Visitors are encouraged at all times; please sign visitors book upon arrival and departure. We would appreciate it if visitors could respect the need for security in the Home and would ask them to leave by 9.00pm unless a resident's health is causing concern. Visitors are welcome to stay and have lunch any time including Christmas time and birthdays.


This home is committed to providing high quality services and to constantly seeking ways to improve that quality.

Your comments, complaints, suggestions and compliments are always welcome at this home and we take pride in responding to them quickly and effectively and honestly.

We have postcards and a locked post box in the reception area /dining room, please feel to complete a postcard or alternatively speak to Jenny.

All comments, complaints, suggestions or compliments should he made to the home manager. The manager responsible for complaints and Quality is Jenny Poole.

Complaints will be treated seriously and dealt with as soon as possible.

Verbal complaints will be responded to immediately, wherever possible. All comments will be carefully considered and responded to on an individual basis.

An acknowledgement letter will respond to written complaints within two days. The manager will investigate the complaint and send the complainant a letter outlining the results within 28 days. If the matter is complex and cannot be resolved within 28 day: the complainant will be informed.

If the manager cannot satisfactorily resolve the matter, it will be passed on to the proprietor, who will write to the complainant directly.

We view complaints as an opportunity to identity anything that is going wrong in our organisation and make it right. You can help us be keeping a look out for any problems and letting us know about them as soon as possible. Your comments and suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

Previous inspection reports are located in the front reception of the home.


For further information about Applegarth Care Home, please download our Statement of Purpose.

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